Configuration Status

Available Reports

Configuration state reports are meant to answer specific security questions in a succinct, focused, and direct way. The following reports are available:


Backup Status

Backup status summary across the various options for AWS services and resources

Resiliency & HA

Status of Resiliency and HA related settings for AWS services and resources such as Multi-AZ and Delete Protection

Public Resources

Review status of any potential public resources across all AWS services

Encryption At-Rest

Review encryption at-rest status and configuration for AWS services and resources

Encryption in-Transit

Status of encryption in-transit settings (where applicable) across AWS services and resources

Service Access Logs

Review AWS service-specific log settings such as S3 access logs, Load Balancer logs, etc.

Report Details


The summary section provides a high-level understanding of all the checks included in the report, and the number of passed and failed resources.

Resource Details

Scrolling down, a more detailed view of all the resources evaluated can be reviewed which includes the resource Id, region, account id (for Organizations only), and all the rules evaluated for the resource.

For environments with many resources, you can use the Quick filter option to find specific resources quickly

Results Export

Use the Export PDF button to generate a PDF document based on the data included in the report

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