Assessment Details

The Assessment Details tab provides the most granular view of the assessment results. Results are grouped by either domain or service and can be accessed by clicking on any of the categories displayed.

Domain/Service Results

By clicking into a domain or service, you can review the list of rules that are applicable. Failed rules are displayed first (and are marked in red), then passed rules (marked in green), and afterward the rules that were not applicable.

A rule is not applicable if there are no matching resources in the environment to evaluate.

Each rule shows a priority (Critical, High, Medium, Low, or Informational), number of passed/failed resources, and the applicable domain or services:

Rule Settings & Exceptions

There are several options available for each rule when selected:

  • Remediation generates a template to address the finding for failed resources

  • Rule Settings allows you to customize the rule priority (can be customized per account type)

  • Exceptions allow creating exceptions for resources or AWS accounts to exclude them from the rule evaluations.

Resource View

When selecting a specific rule, the resources that were evaluated are displayed with details that include the instance type, region, resource Id/Arn, as well as AWS Account Id (in the case of Organization assessments):

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