Under the assessments tab, the overview page provides a high-level summary of findings and AWS account/organization status based on the latest assessment results.

Account/Organization Selection

Change the viewed results per account or organization by using the dropdown menu at the top. For each account's assessment, you can also go back in time by clicking on the calendar icon and selecting the appropriate date

Account Summary

The overview page includes a quick high-level snapshot of the assessment results and account configuration, including:

  • Subscription status for the account

  • Overall security score assigned by ASecureCloud's security engine

  • CIS AWS Benchmark score

  • Scan engine errors which can indicate incorrect permissions

  • Number of rule checks evaluated in the assessment

  • Number of recommendations generated for the environment

  • Security maturity score by domain

  • Account/Organization billing information and top services by cost

  • Finding Comparison over time which is calculated by comparing the last two assessment results from the account/organization

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