User Settings


This page allows you to customize your user profile sttings for a more pesonalized experience. The following settings can be updated:

  • User Preferences

  • Configure Email Summary

  • Configure Sharing

User Preferences

Set the following options to be used when browsing the configuration library:

  • Default Region: This is the default AWS region to be set for items in the configuration library

  • Default Content Mode: The default template option selected (CloudFormation, Terraform, or AWS CLI)

Configure Email Summary

In this section, you are able to turn ON/OFF the weekly email summaries sent to the account owner's email address.

If turned ON, you can add additional email addresses (separated by comma) to the list of weekly email summaries recipients.

This offering applies to accounts covered by an Ongoing Protection License and not the free tier or One-Time assessment Licenses.

The screenshot provides an example of the weekly Email Summaries sent out to subscribers:

Configure Sharing

You can share your assessment results with another ASecureCloud user. To share a result with a trusted partner, follow the following steps:

  • Obtain their ASecureCloud username (or have them create a free account)

  • Add their username and click Add User

  • Under AWS Settings > Accounts, click on the edit icon for the AWS account(s) that you would like to share, and select the user from the dropdown menu

  • The username will now appear whenever a new scan is run, and results will be shared with that user's profile.

The receiving party receives the Assessment results under their profile when they log in, and they will also receive an email notification whenever a new assesssmnt is shared with them.

The receiving profile is only provided read-only access to the assessment result and can not initiate anything on behalf of the account owner.

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